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My name is Misty. I'm 28, Australian, and I suck at writing introductions.

Here's what I'm about:
Batman, gaming, League of Legends, Red vs Blue, adorable animals, cosplay, cartoons, Achievement Hunter, sexy cars, metal and rock music, Minecraft, monsters, vikings, dragons, silly things.


Ring Tailed Lemur Babies [x]




Legendary Godzilla concept art from the Art of Destruction book.  They definitely explored some interesting areas especially with the more fish inspired designs.  I think its interesting that they have some pretty crazy ideas and then some fairly classic looking Godzilla designs.  I think the final design is a very good balance of both.

Ok, this artwork is -hella weird-

We dodged our share of bullets, didn’t we?


Zoo portraiture by Joshua Arlington

These photos were taken at local zoos, without special access. Through bars, through glass. I have striven to show the personality and emotion of each animal, not as an exhibit, but as a unique individual.

Amur Leopard


African Lion



River Otter

Red Panda

Amur Tiger


Golden Lion Tamarin




ugh how the fuck do you cover letter

Greetings, Exalted One. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight and friend to Captain Solo.

I know that you are powerful, mighty Jabba, and that your anger with Solo must be equally powerful. I seek an audience with Your Greatness to bargain for Solo’s life.

With your wisdom, I’m sure that we can work out an arrangement which will be mutually beneficial and enable us to avoid any unpleasant confrontation.

As a token of my goodwill, I present to you a gift: these two droids. Both are hardworking and will serve you well.

This is good CV advice though.

It’s a bat pun.


the best moment in any media involving super heroes ever


Gif of the day : The Statik Shiv Baron Steal !


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