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My name is Misty. I'm 28, Australian, and I suck at writing introductions.

Here's what I'm about:
Batman, gaming, League of Legends, Red vs Blue, adorable animals, cosplay, cartoons, Achievement Hunter, sexy cars, metal and rock music, Minecraft, monsters, vikings, dragons, silly things.


Deadpool shot

1/4 shot Whipped Vodka
1/4 shot Citron
1/4 shot grenadine
1/4 Vanilla Coke

Directions: Add citron and whipped vodka to bottom half of shot. Add a dash of grenadine, Then layer the Vanilla Coke to the top of the drink. Drink. Try not to flip out and kill everything in the room.

Drink created by Aggressive Comix, as part of their Secret of the Booze video series. Photography by Holly Jo Photo.



And so Deadpool’s reign at Comic Con was put to an end, and he was never heard from again.


and I idiotically started to attempt it..

I need to get this game. The humour looks right up my alley.


Deadpool game gets launch trailer, screens

Deadpool launches today, and the High Moon Studios and Activision teams have delivered a launch trailer.

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