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My name is Misty. I'm 28, Australian, and I suck at writing introductions.

Here's what I'm about:
Batman, gaming, League of Legends, Red vs Blue, adorable animals, cosplay, cartoons, Achievement Hunter, sexy cars, metal and rock music, Minecraft, monsters, vikings, dragons, silly things.

Skulldog is amazing. Beyond amazing. Totally and completely awesome beyond words.

Excuse me while I go spaz out from happiness.


Baby Deadpool

Illustrations by Skottie Young

Website llDeviantART llTumblr

I don’t usually reblog anime because there’s not a lot of it that I like, but this art is amazing.


New Tomb Raider screenshots from Gamescom

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have released a large new set of screenshots for Tomb Raider at Gamescom 2012.


Deadpool artwork and screens released

Activision has released new concept art and screenshots for their upcoming Deadpool video game.


BioShock Infinite multiplayer modes axed

Irrational Games had apparently been working on two multiplayer modes for BioShock Infinite but have now decided to not include them.


Dark Knight - by Dimitris Evagelou

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The Missing Scene

Illustration by Daniel Mead

DeviantART || Twitter

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