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My name is Misty. I'm 28, Australian, and I suck at writing introductions.

Here's what I'm about:
Batman, gaming, League of Legends, Red vs Blue, adorable animals, cosplay, cartoons, Achievement Hunter, sexy cars, metal and rock music, Minecraft, monsters, vikings, dragons, silly things.


Baby Deadpool

Illustrations by Skottie Young

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Lori lecturing Andrea on being useless. Fucking priceless. Lori is so useless I want to slap her every time I see her.

True Blood s05e11: Alcide and Jackson get a heads up about a group of baby vampires attacking people.

Why werewolves are better than vampires: They look damned good without a shirt.


Deadpool artwork and screens released

Activision has released new concept art and screenshots for their upcoming Deadpool video game.


Dark Knight - by Dimitris Evagelou

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The Missing Scene

Illustration by Daniel Mead

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